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 In the English Department we aim:

1. To enable pupils to reach their potential in English and achieve the

highest possible grades in external examinations.

2. To develop the ability of all pupils to communicate effectively in

writing and orally in a wide range of contexts and situations.

3. To enable students to use accurate Standard English with confidence

and fluency.

4. To develop an interest in the richness of the English language in its

various forms (including dialect and accent) and its historical


5. To give pupils experience of a wide range of literature and encourage

them to become independent readers with enthusiasm for and curiosity

about books.

6. To develop knowledge and experience of our literary heritage and to

motivate pupils to tackle new challenging texts.

7. To encourage pupils to develop an interest in extending the range of

their own language in terms of style, vocabulary, structure and form.

8. Through shared experience of reading, media studies, discussion and

drama; to provoke and stimulate a sense of personal and social

awareness and an ability to empathise with others.

9. To encourage pupils to be both self-critical and aware of their own

achievements; to enable them to develop strategies to bring about improvements in their work.

10. To make pupils aware that skills developed in English lessons have a

vital contribution to make to their work across the whole curriculum and

to life outside school, including college and the workplace.


Within the English Curriculum opportunities exist to follow all aspects of Language, Literature, Media  and Speaking and Listening.  At KS3 and KS4 pupils are introduced to and can ultimately get qualifications in English Language, English Literature and Media Studies.