Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Education, Engagement and Inspiration

When working with pupils at The Bridge Education Centre or in schools, we will aim to work with parents and schools to facilitate partnership consistent approaches to enable increased pupil access to education and improved support for pupil behaviour in all schools.
We aim to support pupils by:
  • Raising self esteem
  • Enabling pupils to learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour/actions
  • Developing improved attitudes to school and the value of learning
  • Giving pupils strategies to manage their own emotions
  • Developing inter-personal skills
  • Dealing with defiance and anger management
  • Promoting positive communication with parents and the community to facilitate consistent approaches

We believe each pupil will succeed through experiencing quality in:
  • A balanced curriculum that is always appropriate and responsive to pupil needs
  • Effective and stimulating teaching supported by a wide range of learning resources
  • An inclusive culture which promotes the personal, social and moral development of all pupils
  • An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement, providing opportunities for all pupils to succeed
  • A safe, secure and stimulating environment conducive to learning
  • Opportunities for participation in activities for enrichment of the whole young person.

We demonstrate our commitment to inclusive education by:
  • Striving to reduce the time that pupils remain in the centre
  • Developing preventative approaches for pupils at risk of exclusion
  • Developing early intervention programmes in partnership with schools and parents