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The Bridge Education Centre


This leaflet is designed to help you understand the Health & Safety guidance for visitors



The reception is located in the main entrance of the building and upon arrival you will be asked to sign the Visitors Book, you will receive a badge and we ask you to wear this at all times whilst on site.
Visitors with a disability

If you have a disability and feel you may need assistance during an evacuation of the building, please advise a member of staff when signing into the centre so that arrangements can be made to assist during an evacuation.



Disabled facilities
There is a disabled toilet located in the main foyer of the building which is fitted with a safety alarm.
The Bridge Education Centre operates under Hampshire County Councils non smoking policy, therefore we do not allow smoking in the centre or on its grounds at any time

Fire safety for visitors
On discovering a fire:-
Please sound the alarm by breaking the glass on the nearest fire alarm point, these are situated by all fire exits from the building.
Evacuate the building from the nearest available exit, do not stop the collect personal belongings. Do not run or panic
Proceed to the assembly point which is located at the far end of the car park next to the side gate.
When hearing the fire alarm, all personnel should leave the building immediately and report to the assembly point where a roll call will be taken.
The fire Safety Officer will advise you when it is safe to return to the building.
First Aid
For all first aid requirements please contact a staff member at reception. Give concise information regarding the incident.
All accidents must be reported and recorded in the accident book.
Child Protection
If you have any concerns regarding Child Protection matters, please contact the Assistant Centre Managers, Mrs Pat Cole or Mr Chris Bayliss who will be able to assist you.
Please keep all personal belongings with you at all times whilst in the centre. Special arrangements can be made by speaking to a member of the reception staff when you sign into the centre if you wish to leave any bags in a place a safety.


We thank you for visiting

The Bridge Education Centre.

Please may we remind you to sign out of the centre and leave your badge behind when leaving.

Centre Manager: Mrs Sue Wright


The Bridge Education Centre

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