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Safeguarding Policy                              


The purpose of safeguarding is –


·        to ensure all children are protected and safe (see Child protection Policy)


Child protection

All measures will be taken in accordance with Safer Recruitment guidelines to minimise the risk of inappropriate individuals gaining access to the centre as employees or volunteers.

Any allegations about a member of staff/volunteer will be fully and properly investigated, in a fair and balanced way, to establish whether there are legitimate concerns of a child protection nature that need to be addressed. Staff need to be aware that such investigations may well require the involvement of the Police and Social Care as required by the County Council child protection procedures.

All staff/volunteers are expected to act in such a way that they do not bring suspicion upon themselves of a child protection nature. Staff/volunteers will be given advice on avoiding placing themselves in vulnerable positions with pupils and will be expected to follow that advice.

All concerns of a child protection nature, which relate to a member of staff/volunteer, will be fully recorded on personal files, with copies provided to the individual, and may well be included in any future references which the centre is requested to write for that individual.

All staff/volunteers have duty to understand basic signs and symptoms which may give indication of a safeguarding concern, and should know what to do if they see or become aware of such concerns.

All staff/volunteers must ensure that they share any child protection concerns about other staff/volunteers in the centre with the Child Protection Liaison Officer or the Head Teacher. Failure to disclose relevant child protection information may be deemed to be a disciplinary offence.

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